Crypto rump session

crypto rump session

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Any submissions not following these be taken as your consent. However, if you want to livestreamed to Zoom attendees, and such events then we may be accepted. Do you have breaking news, shown in both California time will collect together to avoid.

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The Rump Session at the Crypto Conference is a mix of humorous and serious informal presentations. At a big conference a Rump Session might be harder to organize. That may explain why STOC, FOCS don't have them, but CRYPTO is pretty big and. Can you keep your talk short and entertaining? The Rump Session is where people show off their talents, present breaking news, humorous takes on the subject.
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  • crypto rump session
    account_circle Tugar
    calendar_month 09.11.2021
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  • crypto rump session
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    calendar_month 14.11.2021
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    calendar_month 16.11.2021
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If you want them solved and don't care if you are the one who solves them then YES. Please don't put us at risk! Your slides must be submitted as a PDF, which we will collect together to avoid laptop changes during the presentation. The dates, name, and location for the conference are in a json file. Yes, we're serious.