BrilliantVision4u – Watch and Earn!

A few spare minutes and a strong internet connection can kick start your earnings in an unimaginable way! Brilliantvision4u brings forth a venture to make advertising profitable for viewers as well. The advertising industry, which is worth US$ 550 billion, deals with various problems of fake likes, shares and inorganic activities. To counter this inauthenticity, BrilliantVision4u proposes payment for people who choose to dedicate their time to watch advertisements. This model, ensures that advertisement creators aren’t bluffed by bots and the viewers who invest time in the advertisement, receive considerable returns.

BrilliantVision4u earns its revenues through advertisement collaborations, ensuring enough contingency for rightful payment of the viewers. In order to make the model even more attractive, the venture allows affiliate marketing into the picture. Users who get more advertisement viewers under them, can earn a certain percentage of the payment earned by their team, thereby creating a source of passive income. Since the entire earnings involve multiple transactions, BrilliantVision4u adopts cryptocurrency as a mode of payment, taking a bold stride by embracing decentralization, joining the blockchain revolution.

The blockchain is a process where each group of transactions referred to as a block, is authenticated only once the said block is connected to the previous block. This connection is enabled when the multiple miners working on the blockchain confirm its authenticity. A miner works by solving complex algorithms, which increase in their level of difficulty with each block addition. The longest blockchain, i.e. with the most number of confirmed authentications by the miners, is then published as a public ledger. In many ways the blockchain is a self-auditing system that is updated across all networks that it is connected to, thus decentralizing in the most literal sense. This chain of encrypted blocks is impervious to alterations, because making changes in any block would require fabrication of all the following blocks in the blockchain, which is an extremely expensive and time consuming; resulting in the prevention of fraud.

Users get a chance to earn as soon as they register with BrilliantVision4u using Bitcoin. Once the user is a registered viewer, he/she will be paid handsomely to watch advertisements as they help to accomplish the goal of BrilliantVision4u – Organic activities for advertisements. In its attempt to make advertising more authentic, the team of BrilliantVision4u undertakes the task of making advertisement viewing not only secure but also profitable. With BrilliantVision4u, returns are guaranteed, wherever time is invested.


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