Don’t Just Sit There! Start Trading on Hikenex Exchange

What is Hikenex?

Hikenex is a modern day crypto exchange platform embedded with advanced technology to enable the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies on a single exchange. Designed with an extremely user friendly interface, it ensures minimal downtime and stability, facilitating ease of trade even for first-time cryptocurrency traders. Our base markets include widely accepted cryptocurrencies and the transaction fees remain minimal at 0.20%, thus users can be assured of profitable transactions at every stage.


Enhanced Security

An exchange holds the data of thousands of crypto-currency traders with a value that can reach any high. With data and assets worth so much value, one of the main concerns for any exchange is its security. To ensure a security-locked smooth functioning of our exchange, we have not only deployed the best technology on our platform, but also employed a dedicated team to monitor our systems.

Faster Pace

Making the most of the technology available to us, we have minimalized the lag time and downtime on the exchange. We constantly work towards developing our technology for faster processing, since we understand the fundamentality of speed in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Your transactions will no longer have the anxiety that tags along with the transaction’s wait time on other portals.

Multi- Coin Trading

To serve a larger audience, we have developed a platform that facilitates transactions and trades for multiple currencies. Our base markets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Hiken Coin. We welcome listing from not only the high demand cryptocurrencies of the market, but also the upcoming coins.

Zero-Fee Direct Transfer – Currency Swap- Select currency – Total Coins – Address.

Save on transaction fees when you merely need to transfer a few coins from your wallet to another on the Hikenex exchange. If you personally know the receiver, there is a way to send your cryptocurrency in the quickest way possible directly to the receiver’s wallet. All you need is his/her unique 64 bit address for a secure transaction. This transfer incurs no cost, making it a Zero-Fee as well as fast paced.


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