The MyAstro Coin That Wins Customers

MyAstro is a meeting ground for gaming fanatics and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is a growing community that envisions and is pacing towards the next level in the gaming and cryptocurrency industry.

MyAstro Coin specifically caters to the gaming industry striving to create a worry-free, safe environment for in-game transactions. Incorporating the blockchain technology and its proof of work principle, it has adopted the cryptocurrency, to transform the world of gaming by enhancing security.


Cross Gaming Platform: The cross gaming platform enables players to play on different hardware using the online component of the game. The MyAstro cross gaming platform will enable users to make smooth in-game payments and transactions using MyAstro Coin on our secure blockchain technology.

Winning Circle: Play more and Win more is the motto of our winning circle. Our in-house games on the MyAstro Platform will give users an opportunity to win MyAstro tokens as rewards. These tokens can then be used to make smooth and secure in-game transactions; they can also be used for trading.

Transparent Transactions: Since the My Astro platform incorporates the blockchain technology, you can be assured of the security of transactions. These transactions incorporate the proof of work technology.

How it works

In this technology, each group of transactions referred to as a block, is authenticated only once the said block is connected to the previous block, by solving complex algorithms; thus creating a blockchain which is not only encrypted using cryptography, but is also published as a public ledger.

In many ways the blockchain is a self-auditing system that is updated across all the networks it is connected to, thus de-centralizing in the most literal sense.

This chain of encrypted blocks is impervious to alterations, since making changes in any block would mean fabrication of all the following blocks in the blockchain, which is an incredibly expensive process. This prevents all the possibility of fraud and even double spending.

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